Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Almost finished

IMG_1519 by jahansell
 This doesn't quite work yet - the upper floor, which is the henhouse, isn't fully enclosed (thought it's completely protected within the run), so when I tried to put the chickens in tonight to sleep, they just hopped right out. I don't want to wall it completely in with plastic because it will be too hot so I'm going to figure out a way to create a wire wall. I'm just not sure yet how to attach it.

The orange buckets are the nesting boxes, and there's a window in the back wall to collect the (hypothetical) eggs.
IMG_1522 by jahansell

Usually when I let them out to range around the yard, they run from me. But at bedtime they run towards me, since until now I've always collected them and put them back inside their box to sleep. Last night when we had a huge rainstorm they practically begged me to take them inside. But tonight was their first time sleeping outside. Since I couldn't lock them 'upstairs' I put the cardboard box in the run and they settled down to sleep pretty quickly.  

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